• Thurman Jay Gates // Business Development

    Thurman Jay Gates is a telecommunications veteran with 40 years experience, starting with Bell Telephone , then owner of Riverside Communications. In 2005, Riverside Communications merged its phone system clients with USA PhoneCom. Thurman is a true customer advocate and an acknowledged industry expert. Give him a call on Ext 146.

    Thurman’s Top 5 Sources of Inspiration

    • 1. Motorcycling
    • 2. Enjoying life with wife
    • 3. Golfing
    • 4. A sunset river cruise on his houseboat
    • 5. Traveling to the Islands
  • Company History Overview:

    USA Phone.com is an communications installation, service and consulting firm headquartered in Cherry Hill NJ. Founded in 1981, the company provides PBX phone systems to businesses in both SMB (3-499 users) and Enterprise level (500+ users) markets. Our process starts with a ROI review to determine our clients current voice and data operating cost and configurations. We review client requirements and prepare a plan to reduce cost and improve service. Our review includes removing old technology and upgrading to improved, more cost efficient technology. We are committed to providing our VolumePills customers with excellent service and value. Our certified IEL review will Improve YOUR Efficiency, Enhance YOUR Communications and Lower YOUR Cost.
    We are also experts with TDM PBXs, VoIP, SiP, Saas, and Caas and Hosted communication systems and solutions and will enable you to coverage your processes to obtain new levels of productivity and efficiency.

    What makes us “different” (cooler!)

    We improve efficiency, enhance communications and lower cost for every customer.
    Many times, we are able to provide new equipment and service without adding any additional monthly operating cost to the client!